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Michal Ožibko

Fire in the Midst of Waters

4. 12. – 28. 2. 2021

Abstraction is the expression of all the aspirations of modern society. It is the greatest cultural project of the West as it represents its need for freedom. But abstraction also represents the importance ascribed to freedom, which in turn leads the West to the verge of self-destruction. Artistic creation is its very essence, the legendary Atlantis, a place of immediate seeing of the beauty of the whole, in the way Otokar Březina described it. In my opinion, that is why Michal Ožibko is drawn to it so much. He is a painter by nature, a graduate from Zdeněk Beran's studio, one of the few Czech hyperrealists. Abstraction offers Michal more than breathing space; relaxation, less controlled and more open presentation of himself and the depth of his personality. In the context of his strict and compact work, his abstract work is generous, rich and selfless. It literally utilises the maximum effect of colour, brushstroke and dimensions of the canvas. Is the approach still legitimate in our tediously over-conceptualised era? I think so - I believe it is legitimate exactly to the degree, in which his total openness to us all and rock-solid loyalty to himself remain in balance. That I admire in an honest way. If too much is shown, it may mean, unfortunately, that there is too little to be seen; it is a risk the artist takes freely and seriously.

Author of text
Barbora Kundračíková
Olomouc 2020